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For those who love to play golf, Marietta Country Club is the place to be. The club offers an outstanding professional staff, a Golf Shop, instruction, tournaments, associations and a wonderful practice area. 

And, the best part . . . the course. Robert Cupp was chosen to design a course that the high handicapper can enjoy and a tour professional will find difficult. His challenge was to make each hole interesting, while keeping the course both beautiful and functional. We can all agree, he succeeded in creating a course everyone will want to play again and again.

Mountain View Lake View Overlook



In true Cupp fashion he not only met the challenge but far exceeded the expectations. He also gave it a character all its own by preserving and incorporating historic Civil War bunkers and trenches into the design. As Cupp says, "Golf course design is not a hit or miss proposition. Everything is completely calculated. The trick is having it all appear natural and unrehearsed with the finished product appearing to have been in place as long as the land itself."
It is truly one of the best courses you will ever play...exactly what you should expect.


"Variety is as important to the aesthetics as it is to the strategy."
"Strategic balance ensures the course will not favor any particular type of player."
"Aesthetic balance ensures that various design forms, or themes, will occur throughout, with a certain rhythm, but not continuously."   Robert Cupp